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I was informed a while ago, by one of my granddaughters that she just lost another friend. My granddaughter is only 16 years old. This makes the eighth friend she's lost and 5 were due to violence!

My Precious Ones! Why Are You So Angry?

We as humans, put too much emphasis on outside forces when the outside can only be good or bad. Life is only a series of situations, and they will be classified as Good or Bad. The inside should be the focus. For the exterior will eventually diminish or disappear. The physical should never be the focus. For it ages and can be destroyed.



Inside is "You" the "you" you were born to become. Yes outside always influence you, but the inside determines who you are.

Why? We are all born with a mission. Believe this or not, it is true.

Our insides contain intuitions and feelings that help us decide what is good for us or not. This means that there is something inside our bodies that give us reactions that are of negative or positive feelings, and if listened to, can guide us through something that if proper precaution is taken/warning heard, can eliminate problems; or should one decides to ignore? It can be a part of the problem.

Anger? Is an emotion, and allowing it to continue will bring about uncontrolled emotions that can alter one's life in an extremely drastic way! Such as the ones among my granddaughter's friends who lost theirs violently.

In life, we have thoughts that lead to situations that cause us to make "choices". Not making choices is ridiculous being that, if you don't make choices, you are destined that the choice will be made for you. So, in reality, would it not make better sense to way the odds and make your own?

Anger being an emotion, it too can be controlled. If one will stop and question "why am I allowing this situation to rule my reaction." If someone owes you money and chooses not to pay you or that they can't afford to pay you. Then there's a lesson one should learn here, and that is "if someone asks you for money and you can't afford to let it go? Then don't loan it. For there are many factors that can contribute to someone not repaying you. Yes, some are deadbeats, but, there are many that genuinely desire to pay back, but responsibilities are deep! Truly if one needs to borrow money, then unless payments are in the form of credit? Truthfully? One can't afford to pay back a lump sum. My motto is "if I have to have the money back, then I don't loan it." People can't always see your severity, they tend to be in their own moments.

So, it's not anger? But, to do something drastic such as maiming one or killing one. It is still an uncontrolled emotion.

I ask whatever reason you tend to allow your emotions to reign over your lives. Take a moment to think and choose your reaction. For truthfully?

It could end your life by route of "prison for killing someone or death from someone killing you or permanently scaring someone for the remainder of their lives.

A Bully's Story:

There was an extremely mean friend of my brothers whom no one liked! Just like Debo in the Movie "Friday", whenever he came around, no one wanted to see him. We use to always tell him that someone was going to kill him. His response was always "yea, and whoever it is, had better be ready to die too, for he was damn sure he was going to take them with him." He later raped his roommate's girlfriend and when she told her boyfriend about it,  he confronted him about it. For his confronting him? He imprisoned the roommate and raped him the entire night repeatedly and beat him! A few months later he was at a gambling house and there was another  "Billy Bad A--" (Bully) there, and they were put out of the game for they both pulled out guns at each other. The people inside heard the gunshots, yet no one cared, the game went on; after the gunshots ceased. No one cared to see what had occurred.  Later the two bodies were found. Autopsies showed that the bullets didn't kill either of them, they shot each other because no one cared to call for help. Rather than die from the wombs inflicted, they both bled to death! No one cares for bullies.

Moral of this story:

No one likes bullies, they usually intimidate people to hang around them. When do you need the intimidated friends most? They will leave you hanging.  Why? They don't care. You can't bully your way into someone's heart!
Make smart choices precious ones! Your futures depend on it. Don't be like my Grandmother told me years ago: "One who lives fast dies young, and has a pretty corpse." Life is worth much more than that!

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